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For example a 12 hour precipitation area valid 12Z THU 11 NOV ninety three would present 12 hour accrued precipitation from 00Z THU to 12Z THU. The sea degree pressure subject will element the location and energy of high and low stress methods in addition to locate warm, chilly and stationary fronts.

The tighter the packing, the stronger the winds are. The 500 mb heights are also known as the sterring winds of the environment. Following a specific shade will present where the winds and thus stress techniques (cyclones and anticyclones) will move.

The temperature field shows the situation of heat and cold air near the floor of the earth and can be used to locate floor fronts or estimate high and low temperatures. It should be famous, these are rough temperatures are won’t mirror exact surface tempreatures that might be reported at station locations. The quantitative precipitation area shows estimated 12 hour precipitation (liquid equivalent) for the 12 hour period prior to the legitimate time.

The pressure contours or isobars are drawn each 4 millibars. Cold fronts typically follow the pressure trough flowing south and west from the low stress system. Warm fronts …