Your server uptime directly impacts your online visibility. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that your VPS hosting in Australia offers consistent uptime.

But what is a consistent uptime or considered a good uptime provided by Australian domain hosts? Some hosting providers make uptime claims, ensuring monetary benefits if they fail to offer as promised.

However, the actual loss incurred due to downtime usually outweighs those monetary factors.

Therefore, to help you deal better, let us understand whether VPS servers provide good uptime for a solid online presence or not.

What is VPS Uptime?

In simple words, uptime is a percentage measure of the reliability of the VPS server. It is the uninterrupted performance provided by the server for its operation.

What is Good Uptime for a VPS server?

Uptime Guarantee Downtime per Month Description
99% 432 minutes This percentage means your webpage can face downtime for 432 minutes in the month, or more than 7 hours.
99.9% 45 minutes This percentage means your webpage can face downtime for 45 minutes or less in the month. This is generally the average server uptime guarantee.
99.99% 5 minutes This percentage means your webpage can face just 5 minutes of downtime each month. Due to cloud hosting and CDN hosting, such types of guarantees have become more popular.
100% 0 minutes There are only a few web hosts who guarantee 100% uptime.

A good uptime is a percentage that is closer to 100% as much as possible. As you can see above, it can usually range from 99% to 100%. A reputed VPS server hosting provider usually ensures 99.99% uptime. Therefore, consider opting for a hosting provider that offers an uptime percentage of around 99.99%.

Factors that Affect VPS Server Uptime

1.       Burdening Of Hardware Resources

Overloading of VPS servers with requests can burden your hardware resources. Further creating difficulty for the VPS server to perform simultaneous operations leading to server crashes or downtime.

2.      Misconfiguration Of VPS Server

Poor configurations of the VPS server can lead to downtime. Misconfiguration can lead to unpredictability that can accumulate over time, leading to downtime.

For instance, in many cases, VPS hosting is configured by users. Therefore, due to a lack of technical expertise, there can be misconfigurations. On the other hand, shared hosting is pre-configured, reducing the risk of such errors.

3.      System Hacking

In case of hacking, whether it is a DDoS attack or any other virus, it can take a number of hours to resolve, affecting your uptime.

Is VPS Server Reliable Hosting for Good Uptime?

With a VPS hosting server, your webpage operations are carried out in an isolated environment, enhancing server reliability. Virtualisation technology helps create a wall in server infrastructure, ensuring each webpage has guaranteed resources and a dedicated IP address.

Therefore, operations on one webpage don’t affect the operations of others, reducing downtime issues. So, having separate environments with VPS servers ensures reliability and uptime guarantee at a reasonable cost.


VPS offers an uptime guarantee, creating confidence for smooth webpage operation. However, choose a VPS hosting provider that ensures strong uptime, creating a favourable user experience for your business.