Stands for “Data Know-how,” and is pronounced “I.T.” It refers to something associated to computing know-how, akin to networking, hardware, software program, the Web, or the people who work with these technologies. The phrase encryption items includes all encryption commodities, software , and know-how that contain encryption features and are topic to the EAR This doesn’t include encryption objects particularly designed, developed, configured, tailored or modified for military applications (together with command, control and intelligence applications) that are managed by the Division of State on the U.S. Munitions Record.definition of Technology

Reasons for Control are: Anti-Terrorism (AT), Chemical & Organic Weapons (CB), Chemical Weapons Conference (CW), Crime Management (CC), Encryption Objects (EI), Firearms Convention (FC), Missile Technology (MT), Nationwide Security (NS), Nuclear Nonproliferation (NP), Regional Stability (RS), Quick Provide (SS), Important Gadgets (SI), Surreptitious Listening (SL) and United Nations sanctions (UN).

This term doesn’t embrace: Utilities (including telecommunications companies and Internet service providers); banks and financial establishments; transportation; broadcast or entertainment; academic organizations (besides public colleges and universities); civil well being and medical organizations (together with public civilian hospitals); retail or wholesale firms; and manufacturing or industrial entities not engaged within the manufacture or distribution of items or services managed on the Wassenaar Munitions Checklist.definition of Technology

This dictionary contains definition of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, instruments, structure, working techniques, networking, principle, conventions, standards, arithmetic, telecoms, electronics, establishments, firms, tasks, products, historical past, in reality any of the vocabulary you would possibly expect to find in a pc dictionary.

The CCL additionally accommodates notes excluding from control parts” and components” specifically designed” for uncontrolled items Such uncontrolled objects are merely ‘described’ and will not be ‘enumerated.’ Note 2 to ECCN 1A002 is an example of things excluded from management based mostly on being specifically designed” for a ‘described’ merchandise Commodities or software in an ECCN managed just for AT reasons are different examples of items ‘described’ on the CCL ECCN 2B996, which controls dimensional inspection or measuring techniques or gear not controlled by 2B006, is an instance of a commodity ‘described’ in an ECCN controlled only for AT reasons.definition of Technology