The Lost Ark game can be played on PC via Steam and can be played for free. Like a flash of lightning, interested players immediately competed to meet all available servers. You can also visit which is a big brands with providing fast and cheapest Lost Ark Gold service, which helps you save tons of time from grinding and repeating boring processes in order to get your Gold.

So crowded, Lost Ark only took 24 hours after it was released to get 1 million active players. Even crazier, this MMORPG game from Korea also broke the record for the second rank with the title of the most played game on Steam less than a week after its release.

Then, what actually caused this game to explode? Did Lost Ark manage to satisfy MMORPG lovers? Or is it just the usual momentum of hype?


Lost Ark itself is actually not a new game. The manufacturing process alone took almost a decade. Started development in 2011, Lost Ark was initialized with the name “Project T” and promised to be an Action-MMORPG with stunning visuals, which utilizes Unreal Engine 3.

Slow but sure, the development of this game is always busy talking. Finally, Lost Ark was officially launched in early December 2019 in Korea. His success at that time was unstoppable. The game can collect a total of 350,000 players on its first debut. In the same year, Lost Ark won six awards at the 2019 Korea Game Awards.

Seeing this success, Lost Ark tried to spread its wings overseas. Before entering America and Europe, Lost Ark tried to open its servers in countries such as Japan and Russia. Although it is considered unusual because the player base is not as large as in other countries, Lost Ark still maintains its wins streaks.

Jump into the current year, the Lost Ark development team, in collaboration with Amazon, launched this game in America and Europe, on February 11, 2022. In just three days, Lost Ark was able to surpass 1.3 million players. An astonishing number, but an astonishing achievement.

Gameplay & Features

Taking the theme of a fantasy world, Lost Ark provides a very broad world experience called Arkesia. At the beginning of the story, players will be offered a choice of a combination of Class and Job. The class choices offered are also diverse, ranging from the strong & tough Warrior to the agile & deadly Assassin.

For those who have tasted Lost Ark, one thing that is most noticeable in this game is the free customization. The customization referred to here is not only visual and appearance, but also the Lost Ark Items, fighting style, and variety of skills that players can choose and use.

Even though there are two players with the same Advanced Class, the skills issued can be different. Even though the skills issued are exactly the same, the effects can also be different, etc.

The skill customization here uses the skill tree system as in RPG games in general and uses a point system that is obtained when leveling up.

What makes it even more interesting, players don’t need to be afraid to spend skill points, because there is no penalty or use of premium items to replace skill trees. Thus, players are given the free opportunity to be creative and optimize their game. You can also buy Lost Ark Gold to buy basically everything to make your character strong, gear, jewellery, engravings, gems, cards. This is going to kill the longevity of the game so fast.

The execution of the game is also unforgettable. Although taking the RPG path, Lost Ark gives players an exciting and dynamic way of fighting. Not just being pressed once, there are several skills that require players to hold or apply a chain skills system in a row. Some skills even require timing bars and combos to maximize character performance.

For story writing, Lost Ark has the main story that is quite curious. Several times the player is given a choice of branching actions, which will determine the storyline.

In the middle of the game, players can sail to visit various islands, each with its own theme. From islands of fairies to demons, from extreme climates to tropical islands. The variations given are very many, making it one of the important factors in this game.

Rivals & Competitors

When talking about MMORPGs, it feels like something is missing if you don’t discuss games of a similar genre, especially with an audience of western players. In recent years, games like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and most recently, New World have dominated the player base.

Lost Ark’s popularity can be said to have benefited from the execution of these games. For example, Final Fantasy XIV had closed access to new players, due to their servers being always overloaded. Even the playing hours of free trial players are also limited.

For information, in Final Fantasy X!V, players will be given a free trial to try the game. When the player hits the specified limit and still wants to continue progressing, the player must pay a subscription every month. The same system was implemented by World of Warcraft first.

Another example can also be taken from the Lost Ark’s distant cousin, the New World. Having become a hit a few months ago, the New World hype itself has dropped drastically at this time. Problems such as unstable servers, arbitrary policies (such as removing the trading system and merging servers), to GPU damage, make this game leave a bitter taste in the minds of players.

With the condition of other games that are facing their own problems, Lost Ark arrives at the right moment. The sea of ​​MMORPG players adrift seemed to get a breath of fresh air.

And the difference that is immediately visible and felt is that players can enjoy Lost Ark for free or for free. As a result, the surge in players was unstoppable, resulting in the record that is known today. Moreover, Lost Ark is supported by Steam, a giant platform, whose reputation has been tested.

To maximize momentum and attract more players, Lost Ark is also working with the big Streamers on Twitch, to promote their games. Even player bases from other countries, such as countries in Southeast Asia, India, etc., also don’t want to miss trying the game, even if they have to use a VPN.

Constraints and Potential

There is no ivory that is not cracked. The Lost Ark itself certainly had some weaknesses. This can be fixed as the game progresses. Although Lost Ark is handled by Amazon Games, the same team behind the chaotic New World, the community doesn’t seem to need to be pessimistic and skeptical.

For example, a few days after its release, Lost Ark immediately fixes, optimizes, and even adds to its servers, when there is an overload or other server problems.

Hopefully, Amazon learns a valuable lesson and doesn’t repeat the same mistakes. Unlike New World, at least Lost Ark itself wasn’t yesterday afternoon’s game. This game still has a myriad of successful experiences to emulate, from countries before America and Europe.

And it is also possible that Lost Ark will open their servers to countries with massive player bases. But for now, Lost Ark should be able to guarantee its execution for the next few months, before looking at other countries.